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NuVasive is a medical devices company based in San Diego, California. The company primarily develops medical devices and procedures for minimally invasive spine surgery. NuVasive's products include software systems for surgical planning and monitoring, access instruments, and implantable hardware. Conditions that NuVasive products help treat are: degenerative disc disease, lumbar spinal stenosis,


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Product Marketing Intern (Former Employee) says

"Do you like working long hours, for no extra pay? Then this job is for you.Resume ExperienceDon't Expect a Promotion."

billing / intake (Former Employee) says

"Beautiful office. They will be out of business because of how they are so clueless about billing. Excellent at covering things up and making excuses. That they get a A plus for."

Shareowner (Former Employee) says

"Not the place to be lies upon lies upon lies upper management doesn't care for employees the floor supervisors were nice people but that's about the only plus. Can't complete a task successfully. Can't stick with a decision. The way things are going they will end up losing employees. It takes more than free coffee to make a person happy.Free coffeePick something"


"The company came out with products that were not tested or clinically proven and tried to market on the fly. I specifically asked during my interviews about Random Double Blinded Prospective Studies and I was lied to by the Manager I had interviewed with. It was a start up opportunity that was not well funded. They had given us a 1 year guarantee but after 9 months there products could not be used in the operating rooms.Golden Ring OpportunityProducts not markertable -Company implemented a Distributor Network"

Machinist (Former Employee) says

"If you are a machinist, stay clear of this company, amateur management invest money in great machines. However will fire you for the machine that is repeatableFellow employee are greatAmateur managers"

Surgery Sales Representative / Field Sales Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Do not compromise your integrity for the money dangled as an incentive to arrange and facilitate inappropriate business transactions. Very much accepted and expected to execute every option feasible to win the short term business.Sales Revenue provides healthy Compensationcompromised integrity, generate revenue by false means if necessary, sometimes asked or expected to negate risks to the patient, frequently exposed to improper behavior between management & MD’s."

Associate Machinist (Former Employee) says

"Went through 3 management changes in the year and 8 months there. The management has no clue as to manufacturing operations or problem-solving. There is very little concern as to an employees family life or health issues. Constantly saying they want to be transparent, and then change the rules or game plan as they go.Can't think of oneCut throat"

Post Processor (Former Employee) says

"No one really seemed to know the correct way or process for anything including management and higher up. Lack of information passed on to employees from gym on sightmanagement is terrible."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"A typical day is being hounding with emails from reps.Reps can do as they please and talk to you any kind of way and its okay because they are bringing in the money.great co workers, some managers are awesomeits about who you know, manager not fair, long hours, some departments training suck"

Technician (Current Employee) says

"Its ok to do the daily process but you will always do more for less working here if leadership dont change. You dont ever get recognize for doing the processes and also leveling of this company is horrible. IF you knpe certain people you will move up faster no matter of how much experience you have.san deigo highly think of mempis employeesleadership dont listen to employees"

CNC Machinist (Current Employee) says

"Weak management has turned a cultural divide between the floor and management. Cover yourself mentality has eroded a once great place to work into a run of the mill job that pushes out quality workers for low knowledgeable workers who don't take pride in their work.BenefitsManagement"

Sterile Processing Technician (Former Employee) says

"Nuvasive is a great company in SAN DIEGO, CA. The memphis distribution region is plagued with brown nosing. The management is poor its a true buddy buddy system. Broken promises and lack luster leadership.Benefits, stock option, 401klousy pay with long hours, poor management"

PRODUCT LINE PLANNER (Current Employee) says

"Overall the culture and the people define what the work environment will be. You must be dedicated to this company to maintain employment, everyday there are problems that require attention. it is one firefight after another, no time to define root cause and develop procedures for long term solutions. thus leaving you with long hours at the office with no time for personal life. Its no coincidence that 90%(approx.) are single and have the time to dedicate, due to not having a life. Just imagine being on a business trip with the long hours, this is what if felt like for the years I worked there. They tend to hire very smart people, most of which have just gotten their Masters which is a great opportunity for them. Unfortunately, they lack experience to improve current processes and creates more fires that need to be put out!. Some Managers are moved up in the ranks mainly because they are sons/daughters of surgeons that use their products. Others are moved up for their dedication (working long hours) and sometimes by playing the political game and therefore do not have the experience to manage people. Turnover was high in the supply chain department mainly due to people getting burned out and management mistakes causing extra work to correct issues. best part of working there was working with your co-workers day to day and laughing together on the mistakes made by management. the bad - no processes, no trust(you need to save all your e-mails), long hours, and no end to slowing down the freight train of day to day coffee, snacks, and fruitno breaks except for working at your desk and clocking out"

SENIOR BUYER / NUVASIVE (Former Employee) says

"Nuvasive is a very hard company to work for. Management is not supportive. Employees are aggressive and not team players. Weird culture and no job security. They make you study a 4" binder of surgical information including the anatomy of the spine to prepare you for a Spine Exam that is 120 questions in 120 minutes. If you fail it is frowned upon and you have to retake it. Terrible place to work. Money is good though.SalarySTRESS! Too many work hours."

Senior Design Engineer (Former Employee) says

"When hired they say 40 hour work weeks but the overworked culture is that if you don't sink at least 60 hours per week in, you will be considered a poor employee. They expect total dedication, but they routinely fire employees, and offer no added pay for the extra work and extra time expected away from your family on nights and weekends. There also exists no process to rate upwards. All of the ratings are from the manager downward. There are some very poor middle managers in this company that exist only because they have been with the company for a long time. Longevity of service doesn't equate to becoming a good manager. This is a young startup company just becoming a teenager as a big company and they have some very large problems brewing that might not make their approach transition into a big company.Positive energyWay too much uncompensated time expected. Pay doesn't match."

Leadership Team Member (Current Employee) says

"Company pays well but expects too much from employees and rewards those who will give all without regard for their own family - talk the talk t does not walk the talk on work-life-balance.."

Quality Control Inspector (Former Employee) says

"During my time at Nuvasive, I performed two different roles. I was first hired as a Distribution Coordinator for the Outbound shipping department on the second shift. That job consisted of simply pulling orders, packing them, and shipping them. It's a very straight forward job. Not much of a challenge but very stable work. The second was in the Quality department. In that department, I was tasked with inspecting all incoming product shipped from the manufacturers. That job was much more challenging and a little tedious. It is, however, a very important role. Nuvasive prides themselves on their culture. When I was first hired, in 2009, it was great. I watched it steadily decline every year after that. Their culture is no longer that of "Family" but of "Do what I tell you to do and don't ask questions."Job security and good payPoor management, stressful work environment, poor benefits, and rotten culture."

machinist (Former Employee) says

"great place to work and learn and advance your self. no chance to advance past off the floor unless you have a degree and they have no college tuition reimbursement. todd pucket and matt cluade are great managers everyone could learn from them. none existent hr the only time you see them is if some is getting fired or written up. lots of broken promises to. good floor managers and good people to work with on the floor and is very clean. it is like learning a new process vs everyone else. process development is lacking as well some times they are rushed and just throw process to the floor with hardly consideration of floor employees."

Sr. Accounts Receivable Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Make daily calls to customer to ensure receipt of invoices, and follow up if there are any problems or issues. Over the 9 1/2 years, I have expanded my knowledge in Excel and Word Document. Able to post daily cash from bank reports to customer accounts and balance the account. Processed daily credit card payments. Processed new accounts and ran Dunn's and Broad street reports to review credit limitations. Our Management team was very good, able to help us when needed I had a great team of Co-workers, we got along so well, really felt like a family The hardest part of the job was working through problem accounts when you did not get help from the sales team or pricing and contracts department My most enjoyable part of the job is when I achieved 100% of my monthly goals, that made you feel greatFree Training and gymNo pay raises per year"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good products. Ridiculous "culture" rammed down everyones throat. You will spend much of your time participating in mandatory "fun" events and activity. Actually a good place to work if you are twenty something and have no life and need a place to belong. If you are experienced and have low tolerance for distractions and mantra, better stay away.Company markets itself wellExecutives act like rock stars. It's just silly at times."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Business side related: Think twice about this place! Very high turn over rates across departments (few exceptions). Manager is “hit” or “miss”. “Hit” meaning you will be able to survive. “Miss” meaning you will be extremely miserable. (Again few exceptions.) Hostile work environment not uncommon! HR will try to make you give a good review on “Glassdoor” within the first couple of weeks of you being there. Suspicious!? I’d say so… Hope I can help some of you with this post so you can make a better choice for your future."

Former Employee - Field Service Technician says

"I felt like the treatment from the people I worked with were not at all like family. Blaming me for stealing, denying in front of HR that I was allowed to use company equipment, and it felt like HR was never on my side. I was let go the day after I had asked to be transferred to a IT for unreal excuses. Now I'm happy staying far away from those "cheetahs" ganging up on a sheep."

Former Employee - Senior Management Level says

"Most horrible company I've ever worked for . I've worked for 10 Tech, Biotech, Med device companies so far ! Company involves in all shady practices and has a cut throat political environment throughout all levels ! Doesn't encourage learning and collaborative work environment is out of question. Management is highly incompetent and also unethical in many aspects. There have been lawsuits against this company and at least 30 million was paid to an employee to settle an employee lawsuit. There is no path for well performing employees, unless they agree to the shady decisions taken by the management. If one is ambitious and wants to have a good career, please avoid this company all at costs."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We apologize that your NUVA experience hasn’t been all positive. We take reviews like this very seriously. We encourage you to discuss the feedback you provided with us in person. Please reach out to and we will set it up"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We apologize that your NUVA experience hasn’t been up to standards. We take reviews like this very seriously. We encourage you to discuss the feedback you provided with us in person. Please reach out to and we will set it up"

Former Employee - Spine Specialist says

"- After numerous (5-10) successful years selling for this company, the culture has shifted from doing what is right for the patient, surgeon and their employees to profit at all cost compromising integrity. - Management and executive structure has deteriorated - Company is bringing in independent distributors that compete directly with already established direct employees. There is enough competition to worry about without having to compete against your own company. - Asset management is atrocious. Not NEARLY enough sets to cover surgeries then requiring the reps to search for and find available sets throughout the country then have the couriered in sometimes just an hour or two before surgery. Often times we don't receive sets in time for surgery and causes complications or cancellations."

Former Employee - Help Desk Technician says

"It was common for me to hear "We are from this area, so we are entitled to be passive aggressive..." Wow. The 'entitlement' to be happy about being passive aggressive, being dry and dismissive towards co-workers that are 'different', is outrageous."

Former Employee - Benefits Analyst says

"They have a horrible fear based culture and promote individuals who have no business being managers. No real development opportunities and no growth potential. Benefits manager doesn't understand the benefits and has violated leave laws. They don't put money into systems and software, a billion dollar company that uses a startup mind set. They don't have a work/life balance so everyone gets burned out. Not family friendly, so don't work here if you have kids/plan on starting a family someday. Horrible expensive benefits!"

Former Employee - CNC Machinist says

"MANAGEMENT!! Forced vacation time, communication, nepotism, back stabbers...."

Current Employee - GIS says

"We apologize that your NUVA experience hasn’t been up to standards. We take reviews like this very seriously. We encourage you to discuss the feedback you provided with us in person. Please reach out to and we will set it up." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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